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Carbon footprint assessment and improvement 

Knowledge is the first step towards sustainable creative innovation. The more we know, the better we can use our resources; the better we use our resources, the more sustainable we become. 

Using a catered treatment of tools and methods, I provide a full report of your current carbon footprint, which serves as the starting point to design the most relevant strategies to lower your environmental impact.

When implemented successfully, all strategies aim to bring not only a more sustainable organisational culture, but a stronger cultural, economic and environmental platform to deliver your future goals. 

Timeline: 1 to 2 weeks.

sustainable Business strategy 

A healthy creative organization is swift to respond positively to opportunities and challenges when they arise. But even more important is to develop sharp insight into their industry in order to be proactive, make the right decisions, and show your leadership in your field. To do this,  all the aspects of the organization must see their resources and risks clearly. 

I bring solutions and strategies determined by their cultural, economic, and environmental relevance. My emphasis is on creating the highest positive impact both on organizational goals, and the community where you are situated. 

Corporate Responsibility, Social Sustainability and Environmental Justice are required in order to build a stronger and more resilient platform for the creative industry. 

Timeline: 2 to 6 weeks.

Workshops  and Training 

 Full day and half day workshops  are  great tools to explore and engage with relevant sustainability topics such as: Staff environmental engagement; How to run a sustainable event, venue, or production; Understanding policies and regulations; and Engaging creative innovation within the organization. 

 I specially design, develop and deliver the workshop or training to match your organization. After the event, I provide assessment and evaluation which I package in a report of systematic and visual assessment of the relationships among your resources and the workshop/training, as well as the outputs, outcomes and impacts of the activity. 

Timeline: 1 to 2 weeks.

Environmental policy and Action Plan 

Successful creative organizations have to be efficient, well-managed, results-focused, and offer quality products and services. They also have to fulfill the expectations of their stakeholders, including demonstrating commitment to the environment.

An organization with ambitious environmental policy, but with staff who do not understand the philosophy behind it, will not be successfully sustainable. Good intentions are undermined through poor training.

With your commitment and my expertise in environmental policy, we can create strong sustainability policies that represent and communicate your organization's goals, mission and vision. 

Timeline: 1 to 4 weeks.

Networking and collaborations 

Your organization is not the only one becoming more sustainable. If you are interested in becoming a member of a larger community of cultural and environmental awareness, I can find the right match for you. From getting certified as a Green Festival/Venue/Production, to Think Tank activities, you can always be part of something bigger!

Creative viable collaboration models can lead to the development of collaborative intelligence within your organization and society as a whole. 

I pair your interests, needs and personal tastes with the right community. We are all working together for the same reason: to make a better world!

Timeline: 1 week.

Communicating Sustainability

 Sustainable products, services and behaviors are the future. They are simply better for business, consumers and the planet. We have reached a point where people are increasingly asking for them!

It is a global trend that your consumers/patrons want to see more initiatives that create a positive change in worthwhile cultural and environmental issues. It´s time to start talking the same language and communicate your challenges and achievements. 

If you are thinking about becoming more sustainable, there is a high chance that you are already doing things right. Let everyone know! 

I bring the most relevant communication strategy so you can become a leader in your field. 

Timeline: 2 to 4 weeks.

Whether a small-scale project, a one-time production, a long-term strategy or an organizational change, I bring my skills to make your ambition a success. I offer a personalized package depending on your needs and goals. Together we can track and improve your environmental footprint, design behavior change toolkits, create an improved version of your sustainability policies, collaborate with others, and let everyone know that you are doing the things the right way. We can even start a project together! 

Good things will start happening once you contact me.

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