What I Do

Project Management 

I bring my best ideas and expertise to design, manage and implement projects that deliver the most sustainable practices in your organization. I am a results-oriented person who works with you to make sure you are recognized as a leader in bringing sustainability in your projects.
Using customised journey plans, we create the perfect strategy for your organization to deliver the best long-term results.

Creative Sustainable innovation

 I bring dramatic shifts in management thinking and improvements in the performance of your organization or project, by implementing sustainable innovation management techniques. I work with you throughout the decision-making process to ensure the best results. From Creative Thinking tools to Life Cycle Analysis, we work together to reduce the environmental and social footprint of you organization or project while increasing your efficiency in multiple areas.

Capacity building 

Together, we design tailored programmes to match the specific needs of your organisation, its leaders and goals. Focusing on leadership development, I help you bring programmes that align with your vision, and support your goals while  reinventing,  personally and professionally, the strategies to become a successful leader organization in sustainable practices. 

Social Impact Strategies 

 Whether you are a non-profit or a for-profit organization, working together we deliver the most appropriate and innovative strategies to contribute to social well-being, by generating significant behavior changes towards sustainability, in local and regional scales. Through cultural programming in the creative industry, we achieve environmental governance for social justice, generating more resilient communities. 

Communicating Sustainability 

 You are doing the things the right way already, but you don't know how to market that? Well, I can take care of that. With your help I design a communication strategy to make sure everyone knows you care about the people and the planet. Communicating sustainability will make you a better candidate for grants, fellowships, collaborations, and all the great opportunities the public and private sector offer. 

My Methods

There are as many strategies as there are organizations in the creative industry. All of them have specific values that make them good, but none have the ultimate answer for you to become sustainable immediately. Changing the way you operate - optimizing your resources while lowering your environmental  footprint - is a challenge that takes time and a combination of techniques that are as unique as your organization.

That's why I will design, together with you, a customized strategy for your organization. We will adapt the best toolkits, softwares, manuals, policies and creativity, to get the best outcomes and create the biggest impact. We will incorporate the Circular Economy approach to your business strategy, assess your products through Life Cycle Assessments,  create your own Behavior Change toolkit, train your staff in Creative Innovation Strategies, and other impactful methods. 


Personal Statement

What it was defined, ‘sustainability’ commonly referred to three connected parameters, known as the triple bottom line: social, economic and environmental. Today, that bottom line includes culture as a driver and enabler of sustainable development. 

In September 2015 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development", where for the first time, the role of culture was recognized in a majority of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including those focused on quality education, sustainable cities, the environment, economic growth, sustainable consumption and production patterns, peaceful and inclusive societies, gender equality and food security.

UNESCO has declared that "From cultural heritage to cultural and creative industries, Culture is both an enabler and a driver of the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development." 

While the level of general environmental and sustainability literacy is high, and organizations are philosophically supportive of sustainable actions, they have not yet translated into widespread practical resourcing and support. I believe that bringing a collaborative and consultative approach ensures that long-term changes towards a sustainable future are understood, accepted and embraced, and that the economic, social and environmental objectives align with the organizational and personal  aims. 

Traditional organisational behavior tends to focus on delivering a few forms of well-being (i.e. financial, material) for a narrow range of stakeholders in the immediate future. Innovative sustainable organisational behavior focuses on delivering a wide range of multiple forms of well-being (i.e. financial, social, ecological, spiritual) for a broad range of stakeholders in the present as well as in the future. 

My mission is to design, deliver and communicate sustainable practices and to provide the inspiration, expertise and resources to build a more conscious and resilient arts infrastructure; one that promotes dialogue, participation, and diverse cultural expressions while environmentally aware and responsible. 

I believe that all problems arise from their root causes. The reason mainstream solutions are not working, after decades and the efforts of millions of people, is because those solutions do not resolve root causes. Creative thinking can create real change with innovative solutions.

walk the talk

Sustainability is a paradigm that not only companies, governments, and non-profit organizations should implement, it is a paradigm of all living species in this planet. Being social, economic, cultural and environmental responsible will ensure a better future for the global ecosystem. 

My Impact and Personal Commitments 

I am committed to understand, measure, improve and communicate my own environmental performance, and to engage with others in the process.

These are my key areas of focus for reducing my impacts:

  • Personal and business travel and daily commuting. Implementing and encouraging the use of zero or low-carbon active travel modes, such as walking and cycling. When not possible, traveling by public transport and journey-sharing alternatives. For longer trips, using trains instead of planes, but preferable, using teleconference softwares to reduce the impacts of traveling. 
  • Environmentally and ethically considered supplies and services, for both personal life and business operations. Sustainable banking alternatives, website and email hosting (GreenGeeks, 300% powered by renewable energy), alternative search engines (ECOSIA, search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue), low-carbon business cards (made of 100% post-consumer waste), and other suppliers that support reducing my environmental impacts of my work.
  • Reducing my digital and my Information Communications Technologies (ICTs) impacts. 

As a values-driven person, I am committed to work others to reinforce my own understanding and communication of the environmental impacts of my actions. produce an annual report on my environmental performance and progress, and make this available on my website.
I am dedicated to remaining open to learn more about sustainable practices in order to implement the most effective, relevant and impactful strategies personally and professionally.


"I met Santi when he was still a student at Heriot-Watt University. I was the Engagement Coordinator on the University’s Sustainability team and Santi quickly proved to be a valuable man-on-the-ground. His enthusiasm and appetite for action is contagious and he has the drive and follow-through to back it up. He played a key role in the establishment of a Sustainability Society on campus and single-handedly organised an ambitious first circular economy festival with an impressive programme of talks and screenings from different sources such as the Disruptive Innovation Festival, Julie's Bicycle and local professors. He is someone who thinks big and is both capable and a joy to work with. I cannot wait to see what he does next."

Georgina Massouraki -Transition HW- 

"Always up for a chalenge, Santiago managed efficiently several projects for VitalBriefing over the past 3 years, quickly learning how to deal with Salesforce and Mailchimp to organize databases and deliver content. Working with him closely, first while he was an in intern in our premises in Luxembourg, and now remotely for specific projects, I can testify that Santi is full of the social skils that make him a friendly team worker."

Pierre-Yves Lanneau - VitalBriefing

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